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December 13, 2013:
2013 shows a big increase in incidents blamed on Mommy Thumb. If you live in North Korea, and mommy thumb keeps you from clapping enthusiastically enough, you are going to have a bad time.


Diagnosis and Treatment:

Symptoms for diagnosis include numb wrists, painful thumbs, swelling, and tenderness. Treatment for Mommy's Thumb should come from a doctor certified in these injuries related to repetitive strain.

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Alarming Mommy Thumb Symptoms Cause More Accidents.

There are real dangers in women who suffer from Mommy's Thumb, a condition caused by repetitive strain. Some of the symptoms of this disorder, which is certainly as real as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, include numbness and pain in the primary hand and arm used to do baby-centric tasks. For some parents, the pain and numbness becomes such an issue that they may drop objects, food items, or even their own children, or the children of others. As a condition, it is known in professional circles as De Quervain's Tendonitis. A group of tendons running from your thumb, down to your wrist, and across the bone of your forearm can get irritated. In some cases this is the result of repetitive baby lifting.

On the wrist, near the thumb, there may be swelling. Some doctors blame the increase in heavier children, which is an odd argument after telling pregnant women not to smoke because their baby weight would be low. Others blame the use of smartphones (Blackberry Thumb) in combination with baby carrying. One of the tests for Mommy Thumb involves tucking the thumb into the hand, and pushing your wrist downward.

Treatments for Mommy Thumb range from the use of ibuprofen to cut pain and swelling, to steroid injections as well as hot and cold packs. Long term, changing the way you lift your child may help. A hugging-style of lifting, where the thumb is not pulled up, can prevent tendon irritation.

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Special note: Nothing on this site should be considered as any kind of advice whatsoever. Daddy thumb is what you get when you hitchhike out of town when you find out that you knocked someone up and don't want to pay child support. You know what I'm talkin' about.