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December 13, 2013:
Reports of an Increase of Mommy Thumb are on the rise. Smartphone use and odd ways of holding infants and carriers are leading to even more mommy thumb claims.



Tendon aches in your hands and wrist, as well as your thumb, are hallmarks of mommy thumb, which can also happen to daddies.

What is Mommy Thumb?

How To Treat Mom's Thumb and Prevent It

Mommy ThumbMommy thumb is a condition that arises from lifting babies and infant carriers, or even from prolonged holding of baby bottles in unconfortabl positions. Also known as De Quervain’s Tendonitis, this condition has become more frequent in new mothers, potentially because of different designs for infant carriers compared to several years ago, when infants were just carried around without so much protective equipment. Additionally, new mothers may also be doing other things (like texting) that exacerbate conditions caused by the repetitive motions associated with caring for children. There are also some indications that the older average age of new mothers may be part of the condition as well. The incidence of “Mommy Thumb” symptoms has become more prominent, and whether this is because of more active reporting or an outbreak of unnatural tendon stretching, the treatment for mommy thumb may include exercises, cortisone shots, or even surgery. Sufferers of inflammation associated with mommy thumb may include as many as 50% of mothers with newborns.

Mommy thumb prevention beats surgery any day of the week. Common stretching excercises that have been developed for repetitive industrial jobs may help keep tendons and muscles limber. Awareness of how you're holding onto child carriers or infant bottles may also help. Whenever possible, switching hands, wearing special gloves and braces, and investing in ergonomic bottles may help. A childcare provider may also offer tips in how to hold bottles or car carriers so that you won't experience as much strain. If you do a lot of texting, switching over to voice-based text apps might alleviate some of the pressure on your hands, especially if you are one of those people who sends out a hundred messages a day, and if you are you may want to look up once every few minutes, if only to make sure your kid isn't in some kind of mortal peril.

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